HOW we do what we do…

Market Me Too focuses on teams. As well as the people who lead and are a part of them (Workforce and Sports teams). Our mission is to provide teams with an invisible competitive advantage. One they gain through our expertise of motivation, communication, leadership and team dynamics.

Our purpose is focused on helping  team’s, and to address and provide them with solutions to solve the challenges they face such as:
  • Lack of motivation or inspiration from their current team culture
  • Team dynamic issues not being addressed that are negatively impacting individual, and potentially the entire team’s performance
  • Not having a method and process to gain important insight about their team members talents
  • How to gain a competitive advantage which will positively impact their performance and metric based goals
  • Helping leaders to understand how to fully leverage their teams talents for everyone’s mutual benefit, including them
  • How to increase team collaboration and appreciation, which naturally results in positively impacting team dynamics
Our approach to working with leaders and sports coaches provides them with a new lens. One that is similar to an MRI view of their team, versus their current X-ray view of their teams talents. Talents they are not likely fully leveraging.

We show leaders HOW they can motivate their team members.

We do this via an untapped method, and one they are not likely aware of. Yet, one that has been available to them for over (50) years. This is accomplished by providing them with a research based, time tested process that over 23 million people around the globe have benefitted from. A process that we are experts on teaching others how to also leverage. More importantly, one which allows leaders and their teams to productively and ideally interact with one another.

By showing leaders HOW to help their team members be focused on their top talents and how to leverage them too, they are able to maximize their entire teams performance outcome. Increased performance outcomes naturally and positively impact a teams dynamics. This results in them achieving higher performance metrics, team members feeling more appreciated, and ultimately greater satisfaction from being on the team.

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Meet the Founder

Kathleen E. Murphy

A natural born Motivator, many have called Ms. Murphy a business and sports team Muse.

In 2018, after spending over 25 years in executive marketing positions in the high technology industry (e.g., Barracuda Networks, Constant Contact, Dell/EMC, Hitachi) she decided to pivot her career. From this point, she became a published author, speaker and Gallup Certified Strengths and Certified International Guild Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) Coach. She is the Founder and CEO of Market Me Too (

Her passion is coaching and teaching others (e.g., business & sports teams) about what she has learned. Ms. Murphy shares her experience via her (3) books Wisdom Whisperer, Evolve! With the Wisdom Whisperer and Inspired! By the Wisdom Whisperer (Team Edition), workshops (in person & online), team & individual coaching, and speaking about what she does via all forms of media.

Since 2016, Ms. Murphy has been a highly sought after mentor in the exclusive United States Women Unlimited Executive Mentor Program. She has also mentored (5) Babson College MBA students, and hundreds of individuals during her career. In 2019, Ms. Murphy was appointed as an Advisory Board Member to the University of Maine Business School (Undergraduate and Graduate Schools).

Ms. Murphy has spoken around the globe, and blogs weekly about both work/life topics. Some examples of her topics are (e.g., Communication tips, Being more decisive, How to talk to anyone, Finding your purpose, How to become more confident). Her writing has been published in Advancing Women, AskTheExpert, Boston Voyager, Fast Company, The Huffington Post, i4Business, Money, Readers Digest, Recruiter, The Economist and Thrive Global. Additionally, she has been a featured guest on a number of popular business television and radio shows.

In June of 2019, Ms. Murphy began producing and launched her first television show called “Murf & E Unfiltered – Zero BS Business Talk”. Her shows can be found on her YouTube Channel named Kathleen E R Murphy.