Client Praise

“Our PR team felt the Team Strengths Reveal (TSR) delivered by Kathleen E.R. Murphy was extremely powerful and a great bonding exercise. The employees who participated still reference the lessons they learned of each other through this workshop. It was very helpful for them to understand other team members strengths and appreciate the way each react to a situation.

I found the program gave the team members a confidence in themselves as they understood where their strengths lie.It also help me, as the direct report for most of these employees, to understand what makes them tick and how they react to different business situations. Today when working on projects I see the ‘Wooer” in some of them and the ‘Command’ in others. This helps me when pivoting players on different accounts.

My team is a revenue generating team and the Team Strength Reveal assisted in being able to manage them accordingly from a performance perspective.

I strongly suggest participating in the Team Strengths Reveal. “

Jill Schmidt, Founder & CEO

Jill Schmidt PR (Chicago, IL)

“If an organization is looking for a way to tremendously increase their teams camaraderie, infuse them with new motivation and appreciation for one another, then I would strongly recommend partnering and engaging with Kathy on her Team Strengths Reveal Program. Please feel free to contact me at any time if you would like any additional information. I can be reached at or 856-524-8041.”

Andy Mendelson

VP Sales, New York

“Before working with you my son seemed to me that he was taking “random guesses” about what he wanted to do. After working with you, he has a very strong awareness and vocabulary about his career choices. He knows exactly what job opportunities are suited for his abilities and strengths. He is focused on what he wants to do and he understands why he wants to do that work.

This self-awareness has created a confidence and focus that is allowing him to move forward with purpose. Isn’t that wonderful!”

Molly D.

Boston, MA